Free Download Aw’DjMara Healing Power EP | Full Download Healing Power EP by Aw’DjMara

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Healing Power EP
  • Free Download Aw’DjMara Healing Power EP | Full Download Healing Power EP by Aw’DjMara

  • Artist: Aw’DjMara
  • Runtime: 47 minutes, 9 Songs
  • Genre: Gqom Music
South African Gqom artist, Aw'DjMara, has graced us with an electrifying music project titled "Healing Power". This EP showcases Aw'DjMara's undeniable talent and ability to create pulsating beats that resonate with the spirit of Gqom music.

"Healing Power" is a testament to Aw'DjMara's creative vision and his dedication to providing a sonic experience that uplifts and energizes listeners. The EP serves as a testament to the transformative power of music and its ability to heal and unite people through rhythm and sound.

Within this project, Aw'DjMara unleashes a captivating collection of tracks that blend infectious beats, hypnotic melodies, and pulsating basslines. Each track within the EP carries its own unique energy, taking listeners on a thrilling musical journey that immerses them in the essence of Gqom.

The "Healing Power" EP features Aw'DjMara's mastery in crafting intricate and innovative compositions. His attention to detail is evident in the flawless production and the seamless fusion of traditional Gqom elements with modern influences, creating a dynamic and captivating sonic landscape.

Aw'DjMara's skillful production is complemented by collaborations with fellow artists who add their distinct voices and styles to the EP. These collaborations enrich the project, showcasing the diversity and unity within the Gqom community.

As the title suggests, "Healing Power" aims to provide solace and upliftment through its infectious rhythms and pulsating energy. It serves as a sonic refuge, allowing listeners to escape the challenges of life and find solace in the healing power of music.

With this EP, Aw'DjMara establishes himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Gqom music scene. His commitment to pushing boundaries and his ability to create music that resonates with listeners sets him apart as an artist with a promising future.

Overall, "Healing Power" is an electrifying Gqom music project that showcases Aw'DjMara's exceptional talent and his dedication to providing an immersive and uplifting musical experience. The EP's infectious beats and captivating melodies have the power to transport listeners to a realm of pure euphoria, reminding us of the healing and unifying potential of music. Aw'DjMara's contributions to the Gqom genre are undeniable, and his "Healing Power" EP is a testament to his artistry and his ability to ignite dancefloors and touch souls through the power of music.

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Aw’DjMara Healing Power EP Tracklist


Ikhaya Lam (Intro)

Aw'DjMara (feat. Zeeh)



Green Lights


Bunzima (Igwijo)


Iza Nazo



Aw'DjMara (feat. Bhudahustler)

80s (SlowJam)


Umgodii (Slow Jam)


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